Own issues of corporate bonds 

Own issues of corporate bonds

A bond (fixed-interest security) is issued by the company itself. 

In this case, the bond (fixed-interest security) is issued by the company itself. The company's own sales channels and various external sales channels are used to market the bond. However, the company bears the risk that the total volume of the bond can be fully placed on the market. Bonds of this type are usually issued in individual tranches, which can be between 15 and 25 million per tranche.

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Advantages for companies

This is a model for an upwardly open capital quantity, as several tranches are always possible according to the same pattern. 

This makes it suitable for innovative models that currently require capital and can bear the interest relatively easily and repay it at the end of the term. At the end of the term, this model may be convertible into an equity participation (shareholding)

As the valuation of the company is often significantly higher at the later date than when the loan was taken out, the dilution of the shareholder structure can be reduced.


Participation certificates

The company can use non-voting pre-IPO shares to implement capital increases without compromising its ability to act. 

Hybrid bond

Hybrid bonds are equity-like, subordinated corporate bonds. 

Mezzanine loan 

In the case of mezzanine loans, neither voting rights nor company shares are transferred. 


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